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Who Has The Best Milk Bubble Tea in London?!


Bubble tea is an incredibly exclusive looking drink made with fruit, fruit juices, milk and bubbles. Milk bubble tea is made by blending a tea base with milk. The yummy tapioca pearls are the signature to the drink, and add to its appearance, it literally looks like there are bubbles in your drink.

The best milk bubble tea in London can be found at MamaLan. MamaLan accurately understands its consumers and their demands, so it has done what it does the best. It has added twist to your regular teas, bubble to it, quite literally. The restaurant is now offering the best and the most fun bubble teas to Londoners.

The bubbly vibes are coming straight out of their Brixton, Clapham restaurants and Canary Wharf kiosk, and making its way straight inside your heart. The milk bubble teas come in cups with a fat straw so that as soon as you take a sip, along with the exceptional taste of the milk bubble tea, the tapioca balls would shoot straight in your mouth. And as you bite into the chewy tapioca balls, the flavour is let loose and there is a party of tangs in your mouth.

MamaLan’s milk bubble tea menu is varied and includes a wide range of flavours. So, are you ready to try the new cool thing in London by the best restaurant in the town? Let’s dive into all the flavour and savour them all. MamaLan’s milk bubble tea comes in 12 different flavours ranging from the traditional Chai Latte to the contemporary Passionfruit milk tea. Every sip is accompanied with a boba that overtakes the flavoured milk and bursts with the chewy goodness of the bubble or the boba.

MamaLan gives you the liberty to choose for yourself and even lets you add the flavours that you like. So If you decide to go for Jasmine Milk Bubble tea, add Lychee and Mango jelly to enhance the taste and experience! The richness of the jasmine and the solid base of milk along with the occasional chewiness of the tapioca is destined to make your eyes shine with excitement as the drink refreshes and hydrates you.. The fruit teas are special since the tea syrup used in it is made exclusively by MamaLan, using real fruit and jasmine tea.
So, without further ado, head out to your favourite restaurant: MamaLan, to have the best milk bubble tea in London. You can visit MamaLan at Brixton Village Market, Clapham Common or Canary Wharf. You can even order a MamaLan delivery via Deliveroo or grab a takeaway!