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Bubble Teas 24 Flavours At Canary Wharf – Collect | Takeaway | Delivery


The MamaLan kiosk at Canary Wharf offers delicious Chinese food that you can have as takeaways or deliveries. However, their menu is not limited to scrumptious food, they also have an extensive menu for Bubble Teas! They have 24 different flavours, and each flavour is different and delicious with its own unique blend of ingredients.

Bubble teas are fast becoming one of the most popular drinks amongst the people of London. And after successfully serving Bubble Teas in Brixton and Clapham, MamaLan at Canary Wharf, with their range of Bubble Teas are hands down the best in London. So, choose from Milk Bubble Teas, Fruit bubble Teas or Coffee Bubble Teas. Although it can be difficult to pick one! But the great new is that the Bubble Teas at MamaLan Canary Wharf are not going anywhere, so you can try a different flavour every day!

Try the Fruit Bubble teas, they can really add taste and vibrancy to your day. It is made with thin jam that preserves the flavour of the fruit and once it is brewed together with the Jasmine tea, the flavour of the jam oozes into the drink, giving it that unique taste that is hard to find elsewhere. They make the perfect ice-cold drink for summers, instantly cooling you off, while the mango, strawberry, passionfruit, lychee, banana and peach flavours would revitalise you, with their different taste and special brews.

The Bubble teas are also known as pearl milk or boba tea since they have popping bobas and tapioca balls. The tapioca is chewy, they are shaken together with the base brew and aside from being full of flavour, they also add texture to the drink. The popping bobas are filled with fruit juice that burst a flood of flavours inside your mouth. You can never have enough of them and for that reason you have the option to add extra tapioca. You can also add flavoured popping bobas to your drink to make it even more interesting. Like with the Oreo Bubble tea, you can add strawberry jelly and blueberry popping boba to add another depth of flavour in your bubble tea! Similarly, you can add lychee jelly and passionfruit popping boba to your Peach flavoured Fruit bubble tea to make it more tantalising.

Whether its Caramel Milk Bubble tea, the Original Milk Bubble Tea, or Fruit Bubble Teas, they will absolutely make your day! So have them with your authentic Chinese meals at MamaLan or grab your favouriteflavour from the MamaLan kiosk at Canary Wharf while on the go.