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Mamalan Bubble Teas: 24 Flavours at Clapham – Collect | Takeaway | Delivery


If you are in Clapham Common, looking for a delightful drink to freshen you up in the morning or afternoon, then MamaLan Clapham is the place to go. They serve the best variety of Bubble teas! With not just two or three but 24 different flavours. If you haven’t had bubble teas before you are seriously missing out on something special. You must be wondering what a Bubble tea is, well they are fruit or milk-based drink. The base is brewed with fruit or tea and the glorious tapioca pearls are added to it and shaken until the flavours are infused.

There was a time when Bubble teas were only known in Asia but now, they are the favourite drink of Londoners and even popular all over the UK. The chewy tapioca pearls and the popping bobas add a punch of flavour as you slurp them up through the wide straw.

MamaLan Clapham serve the best and the most delicious bubble teas, they use Jasmine tea as their base ingredient and the fragrant taste of the tea perfectly complements the sweetness of the fruit and the drink strikes the right balance.

They have bubble tea cocktails, coffee bubble teas, fruit bubble teas and milk bubble teas. If you are fond of coffee then try their Caramel Coffee, made with coffee, caramel, Jasmine green tea and Tapioca. The Caramel coffee bubble tea is a completely different experience, there is so much going on, the fun never ends! the fragrance of Jasmine tea infused into coffee, the sweetness of caramel and the chewiness of the tapiocas. Once you try this coffee you would surely be coming back for it.

It’s the same case throughout their drinks menu, with a range of 24 differently flavoured Bubble teas. Let’s take the Original Coffee, it has the combination of different flavours like coffee with jasmine green tea, which can be further enhanced by adding Lychee jelly to it. The coffees can be warm or cold, which ever you prefer, so this way they can be good for a hot summer’s day or a cold winters afternoon.

For something more exciting try the Fruit bubble teas, the Apple fruit bubble tea can be even more energising if you add the strawberry and passionfruit popping boba that will explode in your mouth, setting free an overflow of taste and flavour. The great news is that you can add extra chewy Tapioca in your drink to make the indulgence more lasting. There is no need to wait, visit MamaLan Clapham in Clapham Common today to experience the world of Bubble Teas.