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Chilli Oil Makes Everything Better – FACT!


Chilli Oil Makes Everything Better – FACT!

Chilli Oil is just one of the signature sauces that we have on offer in our restaurants. Along with Sriracha Sauce, Sesame Dressing and Miso Sauce, it is one of the little, magic ingredients that really brings our dishes to life. Full of zingy, spicy goodness, it is definitely one of our most popular items, and one that is particularly close to our hearts.

As with all the food available on our menu, our Chilli Oil has traditional roots. Here at MamaLan, we are all about taking the amazing flavours that we grew up with, adding our own little twists, and presenting them to you in a modern and contemporary style. Our special Chilli Oil is no different.

Many different countries have their own version of Chilli Oil. If you don’t really know about Chinese Chilli Oil, you are probably more familiar with the European style one that uses olive oil infused with chillies. It’s used for drizzling over pizza, pasta, tapas, you name it. It’s not bad….ok, it’s pretty good! – but it’s not a patch on the taste sensation that is the MamaLan Chilli Oil.

Chilli Oil is a huge deal in Northern China – we put it on literally anything, and are more than a little bit obsessed with the stuff. Just as many English people are crazy about ketchup, it’s just unimaginable to us not to have Chilli Oil available for pretty much every meal. It has a magical ability to elevate everything to a whole new level of deliciousness. Every time we crack open a new batch, there’s a kind of moment’s silence in the kitchen – everyone wants to get in on the action!

For Ning, this love goes right back to the famous cooking skills of her grandfather. If you read some of our other blogs, you’ll know that many of our influences come from him and the family food stand that Ning’s family used to run in Beijing.

As Ning herself told us: “My granddad used to make it by grinding up dry chilli, Sichuan peppercorn and salt to make a power before adding hot oil to “cook” the spices and release their flavour. We used to eat chilli oil with literally everything, dumplings, baos, noodles, rice….”

“When I opened the restaurant in Brixton, I wanted to share with people my granddad’s Chilli Oil, but I also wanted to add something to make it extra special, and give it a flair that was all my own. So, I started to play with the flavours. I took my granddad’s chilli oil recipe and added onions, garlic, ginger, vinegar, sweet soy. Aside from heat, now we have sweetness, zing and fragrance!” 

You’ll see our special Chilli Oil pretty much everywhere on our menu, from chicken wings and baos to noodle soups and salads, though it can be added to any food before or after cooking to give it an unforgettable kick.

“Our customers love our chilli oil so much that they frequently they’d whether or not they could buy some for themselves.”

Well, we’ve got good news! All of our signature sauces, including out incredible Chilli Oil, are now on sale at MamaLan! Simply pop into one of our restaurants in Clapham and Brixton, or go online and ask for your favourite sauce to be included in your next takeaway or delivery.