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MamaLan: Serving Chinese Street Food with Modern Twist 


MamaLan is a Chinese restaurant named after the owner’s mother Lan, it is a celebration of love from daughter to her mother. Their cozy sitting area gives a comfortable and warm vibe to everyone dining there. The ongoing Covid-19 threats have taken a toll on the restaurant industry around the world and have left millions out of business.

Take-away and delivery options requiring disposable containers and cutlery have greatly increased the restaurants’ costs all over the world. Despite the threats, MamaLan attempts to provide the best Chinese food and a range of delectable drinks. They have been in business for more than a decade now and have recently expanded their business by opening a branch in Canary Wharf, Reuters Plaza. The new branch and a slightly different menu add to the struggles faced by the industry due to the ongoing pandemic.

Restrictions on limited indoor dining, increased sanitation requirements, retail management are a struggle for even the best restaurant in town. Opening a new space during pandemic could prove extremely challenging however MamaLan did well throughout the pandemic.The new menu offering delicious bubble tea and fresh Bao options could only reach a narrowed number of target audience due to the pandemic restrictions.

The restaurant also has to seek tech-savvy staff to entertain online and delivery orders that have now become a norm. Any glitch in the system would result in major loss for the business. However, despite the struggles of Covid-19, MamaLan has stood out in every way. Not only has it maintained an excellent service but opened another branch too! MamaLan does not compromise on the quality and continues to provide the best takeaway and delivery menu that is filled with the only the best ingredients.

The Chinese restaurant is a favourite among the locals. Each food category on their menu has been carefully curated to include at least one vegan option and therefore tries to serve a palate for everyone.

They provide a range of options for people with different spice tolerance as well as for those with food allergies. The place is a hit for anyone looking for a warm fulfilling meal as well as for people just wanting to enjoy a glass of bubble tea along with some dumplings that are made with their delicious homemade sauce, the sauce really enriches the taste as it is the perfect blend of aged vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil and ginger infuse.

MamaLan is a modern approach that provides Chinese street-style delicacies with a twist, keeping its menu light, fresh and innovative. Even though providing this range of options have been difficult due to the uncertainties in times of Covid, MamaLan continues to provide comfort to its customers through their quality food and drinks.