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Best Chinese Takeaway in Brixton


Eating at restaurant is always fun but sometimes you would rather have restaurant food at home, or while on the go. So, you can either eat at the restaurant, or for your convenience and ease, order MamaLan delivery via Deliveroo or go for takeaway. MamaLan offers the best Chinese takeaway in Brixton. The menu for delivery and takeaway is of the perfect length, there is a long enough variety for you to choose from. The Beijing roots are reflected in the menu, and you can choose your lunch or dinner from a range of scrumptious dishes.

You can either have stir fry, salads, bao buns, or dumplings, with a few more authentic Chinese meals from the best Chinese restaurant. The delivery comes in paper boxes or bags that are clearly marked, to ensure that you don’t have a few mouthfuls of your friend’s dish!

There is a vegan option too in the menu so now you can have vegan food together with your friends.

The food is served so fresh at MamaLan, even with the delivery and takeaway service. Do not be afraid to order the Sweet Chilli Chicken Rice or the Tofu Rice, the rice will be fresh, the grains will be separate, the texture will be intact and the whole meal will be an absolute delight.

If it’s a cold winter night and you want to enjoy comfort food in your warm and cozy house, then order the Wonton Noodle Soup. The soup has a clear broth with a depth of flavour and Wontons. You can also choose from Chicken Noodle Soup or if you prefer vegan then Tofu Noodle Soup is the one for you, with fried tofu, noodles and just the right amount of spice.

Each dish is packed full of flavour, and you get plenty of choices to pick from, either it’s a salad, or stir fry or the crisp and soft dumplings. The MamaLan menu will take you on a ride to the food streets of Beijing, the quality of the food is top class and for that reason it never disappoints, it’s always perfect. So, if you are at Brixton, craving some Chinese food head over to MamaLan Brixton for authentic Chinese meals to brighten your day. Or if you want, order, it at home via Deliveroo, or with the click and collect option you can order you favourite food while on the go and grab a delicious spread of the best Chinese food whenever you like.