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Chinese Takeaway In Clapham


Clapham Common is a food heaven, with a bunch of restaurants all lined up offering a range of meals, but if you are keen to tuck into a delicious Chinese meal in the area, then MamaLan is the best option since it has the most authentic Chinese meals up for grabs.

Their Wings make a bold claim of being the best in London and rightly so! The wings are well cooked and juicy with just the right amount of spice, as well as being sticky, delicious and hot. The meat would fall right off the bone, and you would keep wanting for more.

Start your meal with their prawn crackers that come with a sweet chilli dipping sauce, they are deep fried in oil, that makes them crispy, crunchy without being too oily at all. The prawn crackers will surely keep you engaged as the crispy crackers are irresistible. The fun doesn’t end here, have the Sweet Chilli Chicken rice and be blown away by the number of flavours in the crispy chicken and rice with sticky sauce. The salad on the side provides the texture needed to balance the dish.

If you prefer vegan food then you are in for a surprise too, the veg dumplings have a tasty sauce and a mixture of different ingredients like spring onion, coriander and sesame, with just the right amount of chilli and chilli oil which makes the dish delicious, without being too overpowering. Their smacked cucumbers make such a scrumptious vegan meal you will be surprised by all the flavours that you can taste as soon as you bite into it. There is spice with a hint of garlic and just the right tanginess to the cucumbers.

If you want to enjoy the best Chinese meal, but do not feel like eating out, then getting a takeaway or ordering in from MamaLan is the best choice for you. MamaLan delivery menu has everything from soft fluffy baos, to crisp and perfectly cooked dumplings to sriracha hot wings, and a range of bubble teas to wash the meal down. The food arrives fresh and with enough portion size to satisfy your hunger and that too for an appealing price!

MamaLan collection offers click and collect, the ease to place an order and collect it whenever you please. So, if you have decided to stay in and enjoy a wonderful Chinese meal, order a MamaLan delivery or if you are in a rush then get the MamaLan takeaway. Either way you will have a delightful meal for lunch or dinner.