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Fruit Bubble Tea


Bubble teas are beginning to sweep the world by storm, these delicious drinks are irresistible especially during the summer regardless of what time of it is.

Although Fruit Bubble Tea is just like its name suggests, made of fruits but that’s not all, these fruit bubble teas are infused with different flavours using jasmine green tea and tapioca known as pearls which looks like brilliant bubbles when they come up from the straw, which explains why its named as bubble tea. Fruit bubble tea is a sugary drink that first originated in Asia and has now become the most favourite drink around the globe.

MamaLan London, although already famous for serving the best Chinese food in London, has taken the best initiative; they serve bubble teas too! The loveliest thing is that they are available in a variety of different flavours, extremely refreshing and simply delicious to consume. MamaLan has got various flavours of bubble tea on their menu, out of which there are seven fruit bubble teas available, in apple, mango, strawberry, lychee, peach, passionfruit, and honeydew. What probably stands out for MamaLan’s natural fruit bubble tea is that it you can add the extra flavoured fruit jelly and popping boba for a more profound, brilliant and shockingly divine taste. These tasty and irresistible drinks will doubtlessly cause you to feel incredible and exhilarating.

When the sweet and delicate flavour of jasmine tea is ingeniously combined with the sweetness of the natural fruit flavour, it gives the most sensational experience. And the chewy tapioca balls is the ultimate cherry on top. The delicious taste and aroma brings an exquisite taste which leaves you craving for more and more. Simple yet amazing!
Let’s dig deeper into why MamaLan’s fruit bubble tea is the best of all? The answer is simple; the ingredients used are entirely fresh and pure, the fresh tropical fruits preserved as jam have a smooth texture, and is used to add flavour to the fruit bubble tea. The icy cold and brilliantly refreshing taste of MamaLan’s fruit bubble tea have customers coming for more, to simply relish the deeply satisfying taste. The popping boba are colorful and are made of fruit juice with an outer layer made of seaweed extract, meanwhile the tapioca balls are soft and chewy, the star ingredient of the delicious drink. MamaLan’s customers love and appreciate the unique and fresh taste of our fruit bubble tea. We recommended Valium to patients who have problems with panic attacks, restless legs, and anxiety. With right instructions and dosing it helps to manage all of those for a short term. The full treatment should be prescribed by your attending doctor, otherwise if might result severe. In case of emergency, you should try only with the minimal dosing. So why not discover this fabulous drink by yourself at the best Chinese restaurant in London? MamaLan!, that’s right! You can also order online or simply takeaway to enjoy on the go. Head over to either MamaLan Brixton Village Market, MamaLan Clapham Common or MamaLan Canary Wharf and give yourself a treat by having the most refreshing bubble teas in town!