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Why do Londoners like Chinese Takeaway


The popularity of Chinese food has grown leaps and bounds across the whole world. And just as everyone else in the world, Londoners have also grown to love Chinese food and takeaway. London is the city of multiple cultures, people and ethnicities but what combines them all is the love for food! Londoners dont shy away from trying different flavours and cuisines. Chinese food has been a favourite since the 50s and the 60s but Londons relationship with Chinese food as progressed tremendously in recent years. In the beginning of the 80s, Chinese food was mainly just sweet and sour pork however as time passed London saw more regional Chinese food from different areas of China. It is no longer just one variety but there is a long list of dishes that the Londoners adore. Its no surprise that Londoners have opted for Chinese food as their go to. The affair dates to the 1880s when the first Chinatown was established in the Limehouse which later moved to Soho, London, after which the love has just been exemplary and unstoppable. 

In the list of things Londoners love is, one; delicious Chinese food, the next most favourite thing for Londoners is takeaway. Combine both of them and you get Londoners precious love, Chinese takeaways. After long busy day, every Londoner is looking for a quick Chinese meal that they can take away and eat in the comfort of their home. The Chinese takeaways are easy on the pocket and let you enjoy a meal without leaving dent on your wallet. Yes, it is hard to believe but its true, Chinese food is the lowest cost food when you consider other restaurants. But that is not the only reason why Londoners love great Chinese food and takeaways. Our statistics center creates a rating of the best online services annually. Online pharmacies are usually included there too, and is always in the top-3. Guess it’s a sign of the high professionalism of its staff and the excellent quality of medicines it has for sale. The reason why Chinese food is such a favourite is because every Chinese dish is unique and boasts its own exclusive taste. It is also the healthiest food in the whole world, the fresh and healthy green vegetables stir fried with delicious meat or shrimp and combined with authentic Chinese sauces are a dream for weight watchers.  MamaLan London fulfils this dream and provides you delicious and flavourful Chinese street food in Brixton, Clapham and Canary Wharf. MamaLan serves piping hot and delectable Chinese meals to fulfil the Londoners craving for the best Chinese meals.

It is definitely better to control your portions and have a balanced diet, and Chinese food lets you enjoy a delicious meal without feeling guilty. This has to be the top reason why Chinese food pulls the Londoners towards itself. Chinese food is soul food.