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Lunch Breaks in Brixton


Brixton is one of the best areas in London to have a delectable meal for lunch, it is a food haven. There is a range of restaurants to choose from, with restaurants from all over the world. If you are particularly craving for Chinese Street food, then MamaLan is the one serving the most authentic Chinese meals. Lunch is an important meal when you are at work or looking for a nice break from the everyday routine. It has to be the best and the lively and vibrant atmosphere of Brixton would enrich the experience of having lunch there, plus the delicious food at MamaLan would make it even more memorable.

The MamaLan menu is going to make everyone happy, it has prawns, meat, chicken, and even vegan food. You can start your meal with their fresh and crunchy prawn crackers with the sweet chilli dipping sauce. The prawn crackers are going to keep you busy until your food comes. Only the most fresh and authentic ingredients are used to prepare the food at MamaLan. The recipes are all traditional and the taste is original. The Mama Wings are another favourite! Hot, fresh and juicy with soft chicken meat falling right off the bones.

As you make your way down the menu, it just keeps getting better. The prawn dumplings are crisp from the outside and soft and flavourful inside. However, it really doesn’t matter which dumplings you go for; each one had its own distinct taste and flavour, whether its chicken, prawn or vegan.

The Sweet Chilli Chicken Rice is a popular dish at MamaLan, the chicken pieces are tender and crispy, the sweet chilli sauce is homemade, and the spring onion, sesame and chilli give it even more depth of flavour. You can wash your appetising meal by ordering one of the Bubble teas! The bubble teas are a famous drink at MamaLan, it is made with milk or fruit, which is brewed with the fragrant Jasmine tea plus the tapioca balls adds a chewy texture to the drink. You have 36 flavours to choose from, you can experience a different flavour each time you visit.

MamaLan Brixton village has a delivery option too so you can have all the best Chinese meals at your doorstep. If you are having a get together at home, be sure to order MamaLan, it is not only the best Chinese restaurant, but also reasonably priced. So, order away or consider a Chinese food takeaway at MamaLan Brixton.