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Satisfying Lunch Meal Of Chinese Food From MamaLan


Lunch breaks in Canary Wharf: Canary Wharf is famously known for its tall skyscrapers, bankers and financial experts in their stylish suits. However, the modern corporate facade of the place is now slowly transforming into a trendy place where one can take a little time off and enjoy scrumptious food. There is a range of restaurants in the area but if you are looking for Chinese food with the most authentic taste then head over to MamaLan’s kiosk located in Reuters Plaza. Great Chinese food is hard to come by however at MamaLan the flavours of each dish would certainly, add excitement to your lunchtimes and give you a little thrill from the usual work routine.

Lunch breaks in Canary Wharf

After the incredible success of MamaLan Brixton and MamaLan Clapham, the people of
Canary Wharf too gets to enjoy Chinese meals within their area. Since most people are
professionals and their work keeps them busy, MamaLan delivery provides the ease of
having not one, but an assortment of Chinese meals delivered at their workplace. Chinese
food is a favourite of most foodies and with so many Chinese restaurants it can be difficult to
find the best one, but it can be safe to conclude that MamaLan definitely stands out with its
authenticity. Their menu is extensive, with a variety of Chinese dishes that would take you
straight to the food streets of China.

Whether it’s stir fry, dumplings, noodle soups or vegan-friendly food, MamaLan would
certainly tingle all your taste buds. Each dish is made with attention to detail, the dumplings
are soft but crispy too, one texture is carefully juxtaposed with another. Whereas the Baos
are steamed to perfection and are flawlessly fluffy without being too moist. The stir fry has
an exceptional taste with its unique mix of ingredients, that will infuse delight into your
lunch meals at work or even if you prefer it in the comfort of your home.

MamaLan is particularly famous for its bubble teas, there are so many different flavours to
choose from, mango, strawberry, passionfruit, lychee, banana and peach! It makes the
perfect beverage for a hot summer’s day. And an enjoyable drink to grab whilst on the go.
Just one sip and slurp of this flavourful and delicious drink can serve as a guilt-free dessert,
after a satisfying meal of Chinese food from MamaLan. The chewy texture of tapioca can be
easily addictive and for that reason, you can get the benefit of adding extra tapioca.
The food at MamaLan would for sure exceed expectations, the unique blend of
ingredients, the texture and the taste, would swiftly acquaint you to the Asian culture.

MamaLan kiosk at Canary Wharf provides the perfect opportunity for a quick lunch, yes that
is right! you can still experience authentic Chinese cuisine while you are on your way to
meet your client. MamaLan keeps in mind the hectic schedule of working individuals in the
financial district of London. For this reason, MamaLan collection and MamaLan pickup offer
the ease of placing an order and have it collected from the kiosk at the time of your liking.

There is a range of unique blend of sauces available to buy at the kiosk as well. It can be
said without any doubt that the secret to great taste lies in the legitimacy of the sauce. And
the sauces at MamaLan hit all the right notes. So, while grabbing your lunch, you can,
perhaps get Pineapple Sriracha for a quick stir fry at home or use it as a marinade. There are
in total four sauces to choose from, and all of them have a distinct taste.