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New Bubble Tea Flavours – Banoffee + Strawberry & Mint!


New Bubble Tea Flavours – Banoffee + Strawberry & Mint!

It’s that time again! After all the craziness of this year, it’s easy to forget what month it is, but the trees are up and the lights are on….yes, that’s right: it’s Christmas! And like the good little Christmas elves that we are, the team at MamaLan has come bearing gifts!

We’re sure you’ve tried some of our exciting range of bubble teas in Brixton or Clapham – if not, where have you been?!? – but we are now very happy to introduce two incredible new brews that are a total flavour sensation: Strawberry & Mint and Banoffee!

Whether you’re out Christmas shopping, heading to or from work in your Santa hat, or just catching up with friends as safely as you can, these bubble teas are the perfect way to make a great day even better.

Made from and infusion of deliciously fruity strawberry juice, lemonade and mint leaves, our Strawberry and Mint Bubble Tea is full of joyous flavours to bring a little bit of summer back into your lives. It even comes with strawberry flavoured popping boba! Sweet memories of warm sunshine, long days and golden evenings – all packed into one magical little cup!

For extra zing, why not try adding lychee and blueberry popping boba? The perfect way to beat back the winter blues.

Our Banoffee Bubble Tea is a true winter indulgence, packed full of all the wonderful, sweet, creamy banana-y goodness that you would expect from the luxury dessert of the same name. Starting with the classic bubble tea base of jasmine green tea, we then add a wonderfully rich banana toffee, before finish the whole thing off with whipped cream and tapioca.

Still not indulgent and Christmassy enough for you? Try adding blueberry popping boba and extra tapioca! Go on – give in to temptation!

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We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!