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MamaLan – Origin of the Brand


The best Chinese restaurant in London, MamaLans origin goes back to 1970s when Ning Mas family used to run a small and popular street stall, in the core of China, Beijing selling baos, dumpling and other sort of street food.

But when Ning Ma, the founder, moved to London in 1998 with her family, she discovered that London offered very restricted options when it came to Chinese food. The absence of flavour and deliciousness generated the idea to bring the original taste of Chinas street food directly from Beijing to London. Quick forward to 2010, Ning Ma and her mother took an initiative to start a weekend supper club to cook and serve baos, dumplings and noodle soup to individuals. The club was named as MamaLan Supper Club, in the honour of Ning’s mother who taught her the art of cooking her grandfathers special recipes. Their initial idea was to cook and serve fresh and heavenly authentic Chinese food. The supper club gave a boost to Ning’s talents and she became an expert in recreating finest recipes going back to generations.u

MamaLan supper clubs street style noodles, dumpling and snacks brought its customers the sensational experience of eating heavenly delicious Chinese food and soon after when a space came up in Brixton Village, Ning was quick to grab the opportunity to initiate the opening of her first restaurant in the bustling street. The original concept of MamaLan was to introduce people to the fresh and mouthwatering taste of Chinese food using family recipes. Isnt it mesmerising? That what started out be a small family-run eatery, soon become one of the most loved Chinese restaurants in London

At MamaLan, everything revolves around perpetual love for food, precisely Chinese food. MamaLan is very considerate when it comes to individual choice of customers, taking additional care to provide for all vegetarian and vegan. The modern interior with an aesthetic touch of Chinese culture and the ever so delightful servings of Wings, Dumplings, Baos, Stir Fry, Noodle Soups, Noodle Salads, and Snacks together with some fantastic drinks and bubble teas is doubtlessly the best go to go stop for many individuals. This casual- dining Chinese restaurant gained instant attraction, with an undeniable fact that within a limited amount of time MamaLan became Londons most favourite Chinese dine-in. The restaurant now serves across 3 different sites in London. But if you crave fresh and feel good Chinese without the hassle of leaving your home, then the restaurant also offer delivery and takeaway options for their customers.