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Leading With Example And Passion To Serve As A Female-owned Business


Women have played a very pivotal role in the business world. in fact, today, there are more women running Fortune 500 businesses as compared to any other point in the 63-year history of Fortune 500. From NASA to politics to becoming extraordinary leaders and authors and working in the hospitality industry, women have been setting records and define boundaries in their fields. MamaLan is one of the many female-owned businesses, has been setting examples in the hospitality field.

Ning Ma, the owner of MamaLan, excelled in building customer relations, she found a gap in the market – lack of authentic Chinese food and decided to build a platform with a goal to introduce a new image of Chinese food to show how fresh, delicious and exciting it can be! That is exactly what MamaLan is all about! Here, you can savour the original and freshly made dumplings, noodle soup and street snacks made by using authentic and familial recipes.

Ning craved authenticity in her food and upon realizing that London won’t ever bring her the same perfection she enjoyed back in her homeland, she decided to bring a taste of Beijing to London and utilized her talent of cooking. She went from hosting a weekend supper club to owning her very own and- mind you-completely authentic Chinese restaurants in London, MamaLan. She named the restaurant in the honour of her mother who taught her how to cook her grandfather’s recipes.

MamaLan now has 3 locations across London. The success of her eatery is proof of her determination, passion and hard work and of course only the best quality of food. That you can experience for yourself when you visit MamaLan at Clapham Common, Brixton Village Market or Canary Wharf.

Ning is one of the many women, who made her own path into the world of business. She decided to take reigns in her own hands and rise to the top by owning a successfully running business; this is not only essential for personal growth and success but is also extremely crucial for setting great examples. Women have been continuously pushing boundaries and striving for something better and Ning is the perfect example of someone who took the initiative and started her own brand.