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Tasty vegan food at canary wharf


Canary Wharf, the financial district of London, is now increasingly becoming a foodie hotspot. There are a number of restaurants opening up in the area, and you can find restaurants and kiosks with delicious meals to appease your hunger. But for authentic Chinese meals, head over to MamaLan’s kiosk in Reuters Plaza. The place is designed for professionals, visitors, residents, who can eat while on the go and get deliveries too! MamaLan caters for everyone, it even has some tasty vegan food. The menu makes sure that the vegans are not left out but feel welcome at MamaLan. Whether it’s just snacks/sides, dumplings, baos, or noodle soups, they all come in vegan friendly option.

There are not many restaurants that cater to vegans, and most do not have the best taste, but the perfectly cooked Veg Dumplings at MamaLan, does not compromise on taste. It has the perfect balance of all ingredients; you would find them soft but crispy as well.

The steamed vegan Baos are fluffy soft and moist. The vegan Baos are equally delicious, it consists of hash brown and guac coupled with their homemade sriracha bbq sauce. This interesting combination takes the taste to another level. and because the Baos are an absolute favourite there are extras available for order. Which means you can enjoy extra, plain vegan Baos too! And it doesn’t end here, the Vegan menu has plenty to choose from, a generous portion of Tofu Noodle soup with fried tofu, pak choi, spring onions, chilli oil and a mix of other ingredients makes an absolute delicious vegan dish.

There is Tofu noodle salad as well, with cucumber, beansprout, chilli oil creating a scrumptious meal, that will have everyone coming back for more. And if you cannot have enough, order a separate portion of plain vegan noodles along with your food too. At MamaLan Canary Wharf, the availability of vegan option in the menu allows people with different preferences to dine together. It doesn’t matter if your friend doesn’t eat meat, you can still order a MamaLan delivery and enjoy the best Chinese meal with vegan option. MamaLan pickup or collection means you can place an order at your convenience and pick up freshly made Chinese food whenever you please.

And it’s not just friends, but clients too! Since working at the financial district means meetings with clients and of course lunch! What happens when you want to order Chinese but the client prefers vegan? You pick MamaLan for lunch and have a delicious range of vegan dishes delivered at your workplace.