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Tasty Vegan Food in Clapham


The vast green space of Clapham Common, its vibrant, lively streets and the ambiance of the old Historic Town attracts several people to its doors. The underground tube and train links makes it very accessible to visitors from all around the country, but this is not the only reason why the place is famous. The diversity in the food scene in Clapham Common also contributes to the number of visitors. You can find the best Chinese food here too! And if you are on a look out for tasty vegan food in Clapham Common then head over to MamaLan.

Authentic Chinese food is hard to find, let alone tasty vegan food, but in MamaLan you get the best of both worlds. MamaLan gets top numbers on taste and authenticity. It’s not only the best Chinese restaurant you can find, but it also has a scrumptious vegan menu. The vegan dishes are clearly labelled so you know which ones you can order. So, if you love the fluffy white Baos and you were unable to have it well now you can since MamaLan offers a vegan option in Baos too. The Tofu Bao are perfectly cooked, the buns are soft, and the Tofu is doused in Miso Sauce that makes it gratifyingly moist. The addition of coriander and sesame work perfectly together to give you a tasty vegan dish without compromising on the taste.

The smacked cucumber salad will be the perfect start to your meal, along with the Veg Spring rolls that are crispy and fresh. You can make your way through the menu by either going for vegan dumplings that is pan fried to perfection, with a crust that is burnished on the outside and it’s stuffed with vegan options including spinach and vermicelli.

Or you can try their Tofu Noodle soup, that have noodles that taste brilliant, perfectly rolled out and cut into long strips, in perfect harmony with the soup. It is hard to stop eating your favourite vegan dish at MamaLan and for that reason the portions are generous and intensely savoury. Everyone can be fully satisfied with their meals and keep going back for more!

MamaLan has all original and authentic recipes for all their food including the vegan dishes. In addition to that, it uses the best ingredients that results in premium quality food and an exceptional dining experience. This means that you can now enjoy all the authentic vegan flavours of Beijing’s street food in Clapham Common.