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The Best Chicken Wings In London?


The Best Wings In London?

That sure is a lot to live up to, but here at MamaLan we have no doubt our wings are truly something special! 

You’ve all heard of buffalo chicken wings, but Asian style crispy chicken wings are WAY better than that! They really take things to the next level, and the wings down at MamaLan are the best of the best.

As with everything at MamaLan, the origins of our special recipe all began with family and simple home-cooked delights. Ning first served her now famous wings to her grandfather on his 80th birthday. If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs, you’ll know that great cooking runs in Ning’s blood, with a history of serving fantastic food going back generations to market stalls on the streets of Beijing. So, though he was already a fan of Ning’s cooking, this was no easy customer to please!

Fortunately, the wings were a huge hit, and Ning’s grandfather loved them so much that he insisted that she cook them for him every time that she visited. When she came to open the first MamaLan restaurant in Brixton, her chicken wings were an obvious first choice to go on the menu.

We can’t tell you everything that goes into making our wings, of course, but the coating is a blend of chilli powder, white pepper, Sichuan pepper, bay leaves, star anise, garlic and onion. A crispy coating of potato and cornflour gives the wings a delicious extra crunch, and together all the ingredients make for a sweet, spicy, crunchy bundle of joy that just keeps customers coming back for more. They are one of our most popular items, and have even been sampled by a few celebrity names who were full of praise…once they could pry themselves away from their plates, of course!

hile you can see that our chicken wing recipe is already something pretty special, we are always introducing new combos and sauces to really make our dishes zing. Originally, they were served with our homemade Chilli Oil, which was a blend of garlic, onion, ginger, chilli, soy and a couple of secret ingredients all of our own.  While that was tasty enough, the lockdown in 2020 gave us a bit of time away from the busy kitchen to experiment with some more incredible flavours, and we added 3 more homemade sauces: Sriracha Sauce, Sesame Oil Dressing and Miso Sauce. It’s really hard to tell which one is our favourite! Whatever your mood or your taste, there’s a delicious sauce that is right for you.

All these sensational sauces are now also available for you to buy from MamaLan to take home and try for yourself.

So, forget your buffalo wings and fast food, get yourself down to one of our restaurants in Clapham or Brixton, and try them out for yourself. Also available to order online for takeaway or delivery.