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Why Is Bubble Tea Also Known By The Name Of The Boba Or The Pearl Milk Tea?


No sooner does the warmer weather in the country approaches, than people start changing their beverage preferences. Earlier the people who were drinking the hot and the masala tea suddenly switched to the ice tea. Ice tea is the best beverage which might be the favorite of all the people.

But one disappointing thing about the ice tea was that only one beverage option was available to the people. But now, the time has changed and the preferences & the taste have also changed. There has been a recent invention of bubble tea. Now the tea lovers have one more variety to choose from.

So as you might have guessed that today’s blog is going to be all about bubble tea and its comparison with ice tea.

So let’s begin

Do you know?

Because of the emergence of bubble tea, it is also known as pearl milk tea. And also do not laugh, but it is also called boba milk tea.

What about the literal meaning of bubble tea?

A bubble as we all have seen is the filmy substance that is supremely elastic. This is the substance that is known to have a good atomic bond. Here are a few examples of the bubbles:

  • Carbonation bubbles
  • Soap bubbles
  • Chewing gum bubbles

Like these, there are tiny bits of bubbles on the top of the tea. These bubbles are formed when you pour the tea under pressure and at high speed.

But pearls and bubbles are not the same things, so why is it known as pearl tea?

Very interesting question. It shows that your intellect is considerably good. The pearls are the spherical ones. The beauty of the name of the dish or the beverage creates a positive impact on the tendency to drink. It is named the pearl tea and the bubbles are spherical and named to increase the beauty and the charm of the tea.

One simple question to get you clear on this topic.

Would you like to drink the beverage whose name is either dragon tea?

Why is bubble tea also called boba tea?

Bubble tea is also known as boba tea. It is because of the linguistic differences. Some people pronounce boba for bubble which I know is wrong but we cannot do anything in that regard.

So do people like to have it?

Yes, of course, people all across the world are fans of bubble tea. It makes them feel light and at the same time helps them to get rid of their beverage craving.

Here is again a simple illustrative question to help you out on this:

Which coffee would you prefer, which is prepared plain on the stove without the use of the blender or the one which is made by using the blender?

You would prefer the blended one, because of the bubbles that form on its surface.

Bottom Line

So how do you like this blog which makes you all clear about what early bubble tea is and what is the story behind the literal meaning of bubble tea?