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Why Is Bubble Tea Famous In London? What Is The Story Behind Its Origination?


London is well-known for its tea consumption. Moreover, the international emphasis also plays a crucial role in contributing to the culture in its way. This is the main reason that new varieties of tea are coming into existence. There are individual preferences as far as tea is concerned. Many like to enliven their evening with the beautifully flavored traditional cup of tea. While others like to have bubble tea. You might be wondering, what this term is all about.

So our today’s blog is going to be about the bubble tea:

Must-Know Historical fact
Many years before, bubble tea was considered a drinkable dessert.

Whole History

• Origin
In the 1980s, this drink was invented in Taiwan. This emerged as the twist for the iced tea flavored with the good quality and the flavors of the syrups. All the credit to bring about the bubble tea into origin goes to the vendor who merely by adding the tapioca pearls created the whole sort of different look and texture to the drink.

• For a Unique and Creative tea experience
The tapioca balls come in a huge variety of colors and styles. Based on the particular flavor you like, you can consider using the specified and the particular type of tapioca balls.

• Serving Style
You can even enhance the serving style as well. Consider using the plastic cup with a straw.

How has bubble tea got popular in London?
This kind of tea got popular in London when a lot of establishments were making their way to get set up in the city.

This can satisfy all!
The huge benefit and likable thing about bubble tea are that it has such a flavor that it can be liked by anyone.

What are the controversies and the difference in opinions regarding bubble tea?
The bubble tea has so many flavoring and other things which the normal tea does not have. And because of that many tea lovers argue that bubble tea can’t be placed in the category of the normal rate. They rather concede it as a fad.

Can I get the ingredients easily?
If you have made up your mind to make bubble tea the right way but are worried whether the ingredients will be easily available in the market? Then you need not worry, as the ingredients are super easily available.

• You can easily get the tapioca pearls from the Asian stores
• The fresh fruits are so easily available in the supermarkets
• Tea bases like jasmine green tea or red tea can be easily bought from the stores or the shops.

What if I do not want to make this at home?
I know, not everyone loves cooking and is interested to initiate the cooking with this recipe. But if you still want to try this and find out what it is? Then I am sure you will be able to get to the bubble tea shop near you. Just search on google and you will come up with a variety of options.

Bottom Line
So tea lovers, has this blog post left you astonished? If yes! Then just let us know, how and why? We shall get encouraged to publish a few more interesting blog posts for you like this.